Tuesday, November 22, 2011

NFL Week 12 Predictions

Week 11 Record: 9-5

Season Record: 106-54

Packers at Lions - Only a little worrisome that Packers D keeps opponents in the game.
Dolphins at Cowboys - With still broken ribs, Romo's now won 3 and kept a low profile.
49ers at Ravens - Harbaugh bowl.  On the road.  Short week.  Epic win for the 9ers.
Vikings at Falcons - ATL fighting for playoffs - one game back of division and wild card.
Browns at Bengals - AFC wild card spots both taken by AFC North.
Buccaneers at Titans - Blount's beast mode tackle-shedding TD was sick.
Panthers at Colts - Some may say this is a good week for the Colts to get a W.  not me.
Cardinals at Rams - The Who-Cares game of the week.
Bills at Jets - Complete and utter collapse by Buffalo.
Texans at Jaguars - I think Leinart will be solid the rest of the way.  Unfortunately.
Bears at Raiders - Caleb Hanie won't be.  3 trojan QBs will get wins.  ugh.
Redskins at Seahawks - Two consecutive good games from Grossman is a tall task, I know.
Patriots at Eagles - LeSean McCoy needs the ball.  Not hard to understand.
Broncos at Chargers - I love Tebow.  I own Rivers.  SD stops the 5 game bleeding here.
Steelers at Chiefs - Time for the Steeler D to get back on track.
Giants at Saints - With Saints, Packers, 'Boys up next, NY could be on 5 game L streak.

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