Tuesday, November 29, 2011

NFL Week 13 Predictions

Week 12 Record: 12-4

Season Record: 118-56

Eagles at Seahawks - Tavaris Jax injury more damaging than Vick's.
Rams at 49ers - Ravens just sacked Alex S again.  Right side of line needs patching.
Titans at Bills - Without Fred J, Fitzpatrick is airing it out again.
Chiefs at Bears - Backup QB bowl.  Forte carries the day.
Raiders at Dolphins - Oakland making playoff push.
Broncos at Vikings - Kerry Byrne of SI says Tebow's playing great football.  I believe.
Colts at Patriots - A Brady vs Rodgers Superbowl is looking very possible.
Bengals at Steelers - Home team takes it in battle of current AFC wildcard holders.
Panthers at Buccaneers - Carolina probably only has 1 more win this year.  not here.
Jets at Redskins - Jets D makes for another horrible Grossman meltdown.
Falcons at Texans - Bad break for Texans fans, but at least one trojan had a bad weekend.
Ravens at Browns - Impressive win by Harbaugh's squad vs 9ers.
Packers at Giants - Brees just hung 49 points on them...
Cowboys at Cardinals - Dallas have 1 game lead but two games vs NY down the stretch.
Lions at Saints - Detroit doesn't get a break.  Rodgers last week, Brees next.
Chargers at Jaguars - a Rivers-led 4-1 team went on a 6 game losing streak.  amazing.

3/4 Season Playoff Prediction

AFC East: Patriots
AFC North: Ravens
AFC South: Texans
AFC West: Raiders
AFC Wildcards: Steelers, Jets

NFC East: Cowboys
NFC North: Packers
NFC South: Saints
NFC West: 49ers
NFC Wildcards: Falcons, Lions

Besides the AFC East, all the AFC divisions are really still up for grabs.  I have the Ravens edging out the Steelers by way of their head to head tiebreaker.  The Texans have a 2 game lead and barely stagger home without a QB.  The Raiders get to the postseason by virtue of their 1 game lead over Tebow.  And the Jets nab the last wildcard with their defense.

As for the NFC East, the Cowboys hold a 1 game lead over the Giants, but still have the season series to play against them.  I think Dallas holds on (especially with an easy one vs Ari this week).  The Saints are firing on all cylinders so the Falcons will have to settle for a wildcard. The Lions only need to beat out the QB-less Bears and the schedule-handicapped Giants for the last wildcard.

AFC Championship: Ravens over Patriots
NFC Championship: Packers over 49ers (just barely, okay?)
Superbowl Prediction: Packers over Ravens

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