Monday, December 5, 2011

49ers 2011 NFC West Champs!

For the first time since 2002, the San Francisco 49ers are again where they belong - atop the NFC West.  Since the division's inception in 1970, the 49ers have won it 18 times.  The Rams are 2nd with 11 divisional titles but neither franchise had won it from 2003 on.  Seattle and Arizona both entered the division in 2002 but collectively capitalized on the 49ers and Rams' lean years from '03 through '10, when the Seahawks made history by shamefully claiming the West's lone playoff spot with a sub .500 record at 7-9.  So order has been restored now and Harbaugh did it resoundingly with four weeks to go.

Now, SF's attention turns to the 1st round bye.  Even with a 1 game lead over the Saints and 3 games vs NFC West opponents (1 game vs each divisional opponent, none of which have more than 5 wins) left, the 49ers can't be overconfident as the Saints are dominating offensively and are the 2nd best NFC team (if not in the NFL) in most experts' minds.

In this game, Frank Gore set the franchise record for most rushing yards, now with 7,396.  It must be noted that the previous leader, Joe Perry is officially at 7,344 but had another 1,345 in the AAFC in '48-'49.  The great Roger Craig finished with 7,064.

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