Tuesday, December 6, 2011

NFL Week 14 Predictions

Week 13 Record: 9-7

Season Record: 127-63

Browns at Steelers - Pitts can't afford any slipups since Ravens have tiebreaker.
Texans at Bengals - Didn't like Cincy's performance on Sunday.  Their D needs to show up.
Vikings at Lions - Suh is the anti-Tebow.
Saints at Titans - SF needs to see NO in Candlestick come Jan.  Not the Superdome.
Eagles at Dolphins - I'm tired of picking the Eagles.
Chiefs at Jets - Mark Sanchez has become a Favrian gun-slingin fool.
Patriots at Redskins - Unstoppable offense, invisible defense.  Kind of like GB.
Falcons at Panthers - ATL needs this game badly.  I think they get it.
Buccaneers at Jaguars - A Mojo leads them.
Colts at Ravens - Would Indy actually be crazy enough to cut Peyton in the offseason?
Bears at Broncos - Tebow 6-1 this year.  His haters hate him because they hate themselves.
49ers at Cardinals - First NFC West title since 2002.  Harbaugh did it by Wk 13.
Raiders at Packers - Broncos have a great chance at a 1 game division lead.
Bills at Chargers - Matchup of collapsing 5-7 teams.  Rivers at home, takes it.
Giants at Cowboys - I have no idea.  I'll say Giants upset for the heck of it.
Rams at Seahawks - The most meaningless game on tap.

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