Tuesday, December 20, 2011

NFL Week 16 Predictions

Week 15 Record: 10-6

Season Record: 154-72

Texans at Colts - Told you Indy would beat the Titans.
49ers at Seahawks - Seattle is red-hot.  This will probably be a close game.
Broncos at Bills - Denver D not as great as everyone said.  Tebow's getting better.
Cardinals at Bengals - Cincy dominates at home.
Jaguars at Titans - Tennessee bounces back from embarrassing loss.
Raiders at Chiefs - Beat the Pack, lose to the Raidas.
Dolphins at Patriots - I wouldn't be surprised if.... actually nevermind.  Pats in a romp.
Giants at Jets - Giants are imploding.  Jets are at home.  So I'll take Giants.  heh.
Rams at Steelers - You're still alive in survival and you haven't picked Pitt yet.  Now's good.
Vikings at Redskins - Minny steals one to get to 3 wins.
Buccaneers at Panthers - Cam Newton puts up huge numbers here.
Browns at Ravens - You're still alive in survival and you haven't picked Balt yet.  yeah.
Chargers at Lions - SD is surging but so is Det.
Eagles at Cowboys - Romo is quietly playing out of his mind.  But I'll take Vick anyway.
Bears at Packers - Rodgers will come back with vengeance.
Falcons at Saints - Brees should set NFL record here.

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