Wednesday, December 28, 2011

NFL Week 17 Predictions

Week 16 Record: 14-2

Season Record: 168-74

Lions at Packers - Det will want to win to avoid the Saints 1st round.  GB should rest.
49ers at Rams - SF wins: a bye and host NO.  Lose: play ATL and visit NO.  This is a must win.
Jets at Dolphins - NY loses its 3rd straight to bury themselves.
Bears at Vikings - No Cutler, no Forte, no AP, who cares.  Bruin alumnus Kalil Bell wins it.
Bills at Patriots - Belicheat needs this game to grab AFC #1 seed.  Don't play Bills D in fantasy.
Panthers at Saints - Brees can put the record out of reach with a big game here.
Redskins at Eagles - McCoy bounces back from his worst game.
Colts at Jaguars - Amazingly, Indy has a chance to win 3rd straight, and lose the Luck race.
Titans at Texans - Texans have nothing to play for while Titans need a W and some help.
Buccaneers at Falcons - ATL would like to see NFC winner than the Saints in 1st round.
Ravens at Bengals - Whoever wins gets a huge prize: Bal a bye and Cincy the wildcard.  upset.
Steelers at Browns - Pittsburgh needs to win and Cincy to win for 1st round bye.
Chiefs at Broncos - Its Tebow time.  Win and Tebow-mania hits the postseason.
Chargers at Raiders - SD has a chance to stop the hated Raidas from playoff spot.
Seahawks at Cardinals - Winner gets to .500.  yay!  Bow down to the 49ers.  losers.
Cowboys at Giants - Its like the ncaa 1st round - play-in game.  NY pulls it out.

So based on my predictions, it'll be:

1st seed: Packers
2nd seed: 49ers
3rd seed: Saints
4rd seed: Giants
5th seed: Lions
6th seed: Falcons

1st seed: Patriots
2nd seed: Steelers
3rd seed: Texans
4th seed: Broncos
5th seed: Ravens
6th seed: Bengals

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