Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The night Derek Fisher got me 2 tacos

Took my dad to his first Lakers game last night.  As I've said before, the Lakers sure know how to put on a show, even before the tip-off.  What was memorable?

- Lamar Odom getting a standing O from the crowd when he was subbed in 1st quarter.

- Seeing Barnes and Kapono play again was a nice throwback to the days when I camped out for the right to stand in the courtside student section.  I'm happy they've carved out nice careers for themselves, even if its for the hated Lakers.  Barnes is a clear scrappy upgrade to Artest and I was shocked to see Kapono out there late 4th quarter.

- Vince Carter looks like a shell of his prime self.  The Mavs have a lot of big name talent - Dirk, Kidd, Terry, Carter, Odom & Marion.  Delonte West looks the most energetic, however.  Clearly, they miss Chandler and JJ Barea though.

- Halftime auction: A Bynum signed ball auctioning for over $400.  A Lamar Odom signed, game-worn Finals jersey auctioning for $1025.  A Kobe and 4 other Lakers signed frame picture going for $2,025.

- The Lakers only having 46 points at the end of 3 quarters, scoring 7 in the 3rd.  But, the Mavs only had 51.

- Kobe not making many shots until a few big ones in the 4th.  Andrew Bynum was clearly the best player on the team on this night, though I think he could improve by not waiting so long to make his post moves.  The offense becomes extremely stagnant.

- If I was the Mavs, I'd rather single-cover Kobe with Marion, instead of doubling him early and leaving Fisher with an open jumper.

- The Staples crowd was quiet all game (besides pleading Artest to pass) until Fisher's game-winner.  The Lakers badly need a real point guard.  The rookie can't hang yet and old man Fisher should only play in the last 7 minutes.

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