Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Jeremy Lin's 2nd Sports Illustrated Cover (in 2 weeks)


So much better than his first cover, if you ask me.  Sure, it was awesome to see him being quintuple-teamed by the Lakers in perhaps the best game of his career (Lin 38 points - Kobe 34 points on national TV in MSG, in case you've forgotten), but who wants to share the cover with Kobe and the Kobettes?  yuck.  Jeremy should be featured alone.  Great job SI.

By the way, the report is that he is only the 3rd individual that's been featured on the cover of SI on consecutive weeks.  Nowitzki made it during and after the NBA Finals last year and Jordan has 3-peated on the cover two different times, as he deserves.  I must say though that the first Nowitzki issue was actually a shared feature between he and Dwyane Wade.  Jeremy has been the lone focus in both his covers.  And he hasn't even played in the postseason yet.  That is the draw of Linsanity.

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