Monday, February 27, 2012

Kevin Love 2012 3-Point Shootout Champion

Is there anything he can't do?  Just when the 2-time NBA Allstar couldn't surprise me more since he's become universally regarded as the best power forward in the game today, he then goes out and wins the 3-point contest over Kevin Durant in the final round, as well as over last season's champ, James Jones.  It took him two tie breaker rounds to do it as well.

Kevin Love's just the 2nd UCLA alumnus to win it after Jason Kapono.  Kapono did it in consecutive years, 2007 and 2008, and tied the record for most points ever in a single round when he scored 25 points in the final round.  I'm a little surprised sharpshooting Reggie Miller never won it in any of his 5 attempts.

Kevin's most memorable moment this season was probably his buzzer-beating 3 pointer vs the Clippers on January 20th.  But, he hasn't even been shooting close to his career high in 3 point percentage this season at just under 35% percent.  At least last year, he was nearly at 42%.  Kevin has also been attempting more long range shots this year as well.  So far he's attempted 4.4 three-pointers per game (141 attempts in 32 games) while he finished with just 2.9 attempts per game last season (211 in 73 games).

Consequently, he's finishing with 1.2 rebounds less a game even though he's playing over 4 minutes more each night than last year.  I hope he isn't trying to focus on his outside game at the detriment of his inside production.  That said, he's averaging a career-high in points this year, up to 25 ppg (last season: 20.2 ppg) after shedding 25 pounds in the offseason, so what do I know?  Go Bruins.

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