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UCLA Basketball 2011-12 Season Review (& Program Overview)

UCLA as a National Powerhouse

UCLA missed the NCAA tournament for the 2nd time in 3 years and the 4th time in 10 years.  That should be an amazing stat for everyone to think about.  Who are the basketball powers as measured by national championship titles?  UCLA has won 11, Kentucky has 7, Indiana has 5, UNC has 5, Duke has 4, Kansas has 3 and now UConn has 3.  In particular, UK, UNC, KU and now Duke form a traditional powerhouse group which UCLA likes to think of themselves a part of.

Since the NCAA Tournament expansion to 64 teams in 1985, Duke ('95) and KU ('89) have only missed the tournament once each, UNC missed 3 times ('10, '03, '02), UK missed 4 times ('09, '91, '90, '89), Indiana missed 6 times ('11, '10, '09, '05, '04, '85), and UConn missed 10.  UCLA?  7 since 1985 ('12, '10, '04, '03, '88, '86, '85).  During that same time, Duke won 4 titles, UNC and UConn each won 3, KU and UK won 2, Indiana and UCLA only won 1 each.  So the painful truth of the matter is that UCLA's record in modern day college basketball is woefully closer to Indiana than UNC.  We are no longer the powerhouse program that Wooden built, though no school could ever replicate his feats.  But are we even among the elite?

No, we're 2nd tier.  The truth is had Howland won even a single title during his 3 Final Fours, especially in 2008 when we were the Kevin Love-led #1 seed, AND not missed the tournament this season, we'd be in the 1st tier.  The loss to Derrick Rose in 2008 might've felt low, but the culmination of much of our failures since 2008 brought us to the lowest point we've ever had since 2003 when Lavin was fired for missing his 1st NCAA tournament in his 7th year at UCLA.  Though Howland shouldn't be blamed for the 2004 tourney miss, the records will still say that he's missed tournament play 3 times in 9 years.

Any of those other schools (UNC, KU, UK) would have immediately fired their coach for missing the tournament twice in 3 years.  UNC fired Doherty in 2003 after missing twice.  Tubby Smith was fired from UK in '07 even though he never missed a tournament in 10 years, and actually won the '97 title.  So, should Howland have been fired this season?  He certainly deserves to be.  The worst we should have done is a first weekend tourney exit, even if we had a few bad recruiting misses.  There is simply no excuse for UCLA to miss a NCAA tournament.  I was ready to excuse it in 2010 because of Howland's Final Four successes and the subsequent NBA defections, but to miss again just two years later is utterly unfathomable.

UCLA's Big Picture Failures

In an earlier post, I detailed my thoughts about the SI article, which in retrospect is clearly trojan propaganda written by a UCLA hater.  Though our problems are common among countless other institutions and not really worth mentioning in the wake of the Ohio State, Miami or Penn State scandals, the fact is that we desire to be counted among the uncommon elite of UNC, KU and UK.  There indeed have been failures in the past 3-4 years and I didn't need to read SI to tell me that.

What have been our mistakes?

Recruiting and protecting Dragovic was a mistake.  Letting Chase Stanback go was a mistake.  Recruiting Drew Gordon was a mistake.  Bobo Morgan was a mistake.  Not recruiting Derrick Williams was a huge miss - we didn't even offer him.  Jerime Anderson.  Letting Mike Moser go was a mistake.  Recruiting Reeves Nelson was a mistake.  Allowing Reeves Nelson to be so disruptive for 2 years until the Wear twins became eligible was a mistake.  Recruiting Brendan Lane was a mistake.  Letting Matt Carlino go was a mistake.  Not disciplining Josh Smith this year is a mistake.  Not recruiting any great point guards in the last 3 classes is a mistake.

I think Howland could stand to make his program (as a result of his personality/behavior) a more attractive place for players to want to stay (or even come to in the first place).  How is it KU and UNC can hold onto their stars longer than us?  Why was Jordan Farmar in such a huff to leave after just 2 years?  He was slated as borderline first rounder.  Why would Stanback transfer when we had a void at SF?  Why would Jrue Holiday rush out of town after just one subpar year when he could've been a top 5 pick the next year?  Moser?  Carlino?  Why would Malcolm defect when nobody in their right mind thought he'd be a first rounder?  Something about this pattern bothers me.  At the very least, Howland needs to be accountable for the '08, '09 recruiting classes, the failures for which he has already accepted.

Think for a moment what our ideal team would've looked like minus the behavioral problems and stupid early defections that have plagued it for the last 3-4 years.

PG: Malcolm Lee (Jrue Holiday would have been right to leave for the NBA after his 2nd year)
SG: Mike Moser
SF: Tyler Honeycutt
PF: Reeves Nelson
C: Drew Gordon
Bench: Josh Smith, Jerime Anderson, Wear twins, Tyler Lamb, Matt Carlino

That, is a championship contender.  However, you could argue that there really aren't any future NBA stars even in that group, much less what we actually have now.  In fact, I'd argue that UCLA really hasn't been recruiting on par with the powerhouse programs: UNC, Duke, KU and obviously UK, since Howland's arrival.  Yahoo Sport's recruiting website,, assigns star ratings to recruits, 5 stars being the best.  We're looking at classes from 2004 (Howland's 1st UCLA class) to 2011 and how many 5 star and 4 star recruits each school have had.

UK:     15 - Five stars, 11 - Four stars
UNC:  12 - Five stars, 12 - Four stars
Duke:  11 - Five stars, 12 - Four stars
KU:      9 - Five stars, 14 - Four stars
UCLA: 6 - Five stars, 16 - Four stars

Rivals' rankings are merely rankings at the time of recruitment.  It is nowhere close to an exact science as Russell Westbrook's 3 star rating proves.  However, it is an assessment of how highly players are nationally rated at the time of recruitment and there is little doubt that we have not done nearly as well as those schools.  We are not getting enough of the obvious NBA potential talent on a consistent basis.  There is zero reason why we shouldn't be able to pull in twice as many 5 star talent as we have.  I'm not looking for Calipari-like hauls these past few years (four 5 star guys in a single class!!!), but we should easily draw in 1 or 2 every single year.

In case you're curious about how we stack up against our best Pac-12 rivals, Arizona pulled in 7 five stars and 11 four stars in the same period.  Washington only had 4 five stars and 11 four stars.

Who were Howland's 6 five star recruits?  Jordan Farmar, Arron Afflalo, Kevin Love, Jrue Holiday, Bobo Morgan and Joshua Smith.  The first 4 obviously turned out well.  That UCLA (15) ranks among Duke (16), UNC (14), Kentucky (17) and KU (17) in current NBA prospects (according to is a testament to Howland's pure ability to coach.

Clearly, I've been hard on Howland.  SI's exaggerations created a misconception of a program gone rogue.  I don't think that was the case.  I do think that some players were out of control and there were obvious recruiting misses.  However, the SI article came out too late to really be relevant.  By the time Nelson was dismissed, everything had returned to normal.  The team's focus was back on the court.  However, the ensuing backlash gives Howland the opportunity to do some self-evaluation.  Again, I hope he reinvents himself, both personally and as a recruiter/coach, this offseason.  Nobody embraces and speaks of the proud tradition of UCLA better than Howland.  He is the best coach we've had here since John Wooden.  And he has a great chance to prove it going forward.

2011-12 Season Review

We started the year ranked somewhere around #17 nationally and were the favorites to win the Pac-12.  So, not even making the top 4 in our conference this year is a major problem.  Besides UW, I don't see better talent this year in the conference than ours, even without Reeves Nelson.  Again, after the horrific 2010 season when we finished 14-18, this was supposed to mark the year that finally we returned to national relevance as a contender.  Realistically with Honeycutt and Lee defecting and having to play away from Pauley this entire season, we were at least supposed to contend for the conference.  That was my expectation.

Who knew Nelson had to be kicked off the team?  Who knew Josh Smith wouldn't be conditioning during the offseason?  Who knew we wouldn't even get an NIT bid?  Howland summed it up, "This past season has been the most challenging of my 31 years as a college basketball coach. I have endured seasons with fewer wins, but none with more disappointment. The unfavorable light that is cast upon our program is my responsibility as the UCLA head coach. But we will get better and I will get better."

Our final record was 19-14, but after Nelson's dismissal on Dec 9th, we actually went 17-9 the rest of the way.  Post-Nelson, we were a dominating 13-1 (8-1 conference) on our "home court", our only loss was a no-contest to Cal.  So much for the Bruin Road Show being a truly negative factor.  No, it was actual road games that frustrated our team the most.  In conference play, we were a pathetic 3-6, but we really should have won all but 2.  We essentially gave away 4 games.  We lost a 1 point game at Stanford when Zeek didn't pass to Anderson for an open jumper.  We lost a 13 point halftime lead at Oregon.  We lost a 10 point lead at Washington with 6 minutes to play.  We led at Arizona nearly just about the whole game until 4 minutes left, ultimately losing by 2.  With more experienced players like Malcolm or even Reeves in those games during crunchtime, I have little doubt that we would've won at least 3 and therefore won the Pac-12.

That said, UW went 23-10, won the Pac-12 outright, and was still passed over for the tournament.  It is utterly ridiculous that the winner of our regular season does not get an automatic bid.  Absolutely ridiculous.  Year-end conference tournaments are meaningless and are nothing but a money grab.  But I digress.

As for our players, Lazeric Jones was clearly our best player this season.  I couldn't be happier for Zeek that we won our last home game against UW on Senior day, a game where he scored 20 points.  He's been a stabilizing influence in what could have been an even more horrendous season.  He was our leading scorer at 13.4 points per game and was the only player to start all 32 games.  He also led the team in total assists, steals, and played the most minutes per game (33.5).  2 years ago, who knew how important this junior transfer PG would be to our team?  He will be missed.

The Wear twins were also about as good as I thought they'd be.  They were our 2nd and 3rd leading scorers, Travis at 11.6ppg and David at 10.4ppg.  Before the season, we wondered how Howland would distribute minutes among all our big men then with the addition of the Wears.  We even tried to speculate on how David would do at SF.  Who knew that the Wears would start at PF and C for most of the season, both having to log about 27 minutes per game?  Clearly, they have solid fundamental basketball skill, though Travis seems to be the better interior scorer while David is the superior outside shooter.  They could both stand to become stronger and more physical inside (thus improving their rebounding).  But more importantly, these two will never become locker-room cancers like Gordon or Nelson.  I am comforted to know that we will have the hard-working Wears at our disposal for two more years.

Joshua Smith was disappointingly our 4th best scorer this season at 10 ppg and 4.9 rebounds a game.  Especially with Reeves gone, he was supposed to be the best player not only on our team, but in the conference.  He was supposed to dominate games to the tune of 18 points and 10 boards a game.  He was supposed to be trying to decide whether to go pro or not right about now (that is, after destroying fools in the Sweet 15 and Elite 8 this weekend).  Instead, he was called fat and out of shape all year.  He could only muster 17.4 minutes a game while committing far more fouls than any other teammate (3.1 fouls per game).  He was a complete and utter disappointment.  If I was Howland, I would have benched him from November until January and told him to make weight before he could play.  Josh is saying the right things and intends to stay in LA this offseason so that he can be held accountable for his conditioning.  If he can't discipline himself now, he never will.

Jerime Anderson will never be a beloved Bruin.  He was one of those hard-partying freshmen in SI.  He was an unprepared and poor-performing starting PG as a sophomore, which prompted Howland to bring in a junior transfer to compete with him.  He lost, but was finally useful for once off the bench his junior year.  Then he was caught stealing a laptop before his senior season.  Seemingly humbled, the truth is, he was decent for us this season.  Averaging 8.6 points, he was our most reliable outside shooter (40% from arc) and led the team in assists at 4.2 per game.  Will he be missed?  Not really.  But at least his last year was respectable.

The two guards that will have major roles to play next season are Lamb and Powell.  Lamb actually played major minutes this season and scored over 9 points a game.  However, Howland seemed to have stuck the best-perimeter-defender label on him and I just don't see it.  He seems to make mental mistakes much too often and gets beat laterally to the hoop constantly.  Afflalo-lite he is not.  Offensively, Lamb turns it over at an alarming rate (leading the team even though he doesn't play point guard) and often at critical times.  Also, his jumper needs a lot of work.  Unless he is already set and his feet are under him, he is as likely to air ball his jumper than make it.

While Lamb just isn't the off-guard superior athlete to turn heads at the next level, Norman Powell clearly has that kind of potential.  I like that he isn't tentative either, regardless of his experience.  Though I'm not sure of the circumstances around De'End Parker's transfer this season, at least it freed Powell up to play valuable minutes.  Both Lamb and Powell only shot 36% on 3-pointers, so they should focus there this offseason.  So far, it seems that both have the right kind of attitude and temperament to thrive under Howland.

That leaves our two mostly bench-ridden big men, Stover and Lane.  I don't see Stover's role expanding much next season, though it could be argued that he's the best interior defender we have.  His hands and footwork aren't great, but nobody blocks and alters shots the way he does - 1.4 blocks per 8.6 minutes a game.  I've said that Lane should have transferred after last year.  The Wears were obviously going to take his playing time.  But now that Lane is graduating in 3 years and is going to be able to play at a mid-major immediately starting next year as a grad student, his plan was perfect.  I wish him the best of luck and only wished he had Reeves Nelson's skill to go with his upstanding character.

Having gone through our rotation, it's reminded me that we don't have NBA talent on our team.  We just can't compete with what schools like UNC and Kentucky obviously possess right now.  A slimmed-down and disciplined Josh Smith perhaps has the most potential and the athletic Norman Powell might have an outside shot of a pro future one day, but otherwise we are bare of raw pro basketball talent.  That's the real reason we aren't contenders.  Add the Nelson distraction which sabotaged our first month of play and we just didn't stand a chance. 

Projected Starting Lineup 2012-13

PG: Kyle Anderson (Fr)
G:  Norman Powell (So)
G:  Tyler Lamb (Jr)
PF: David Wear (R Jr)
C:  Travis Wear (R Jr)

Bench: C Joshua Smith (Jr), PG Larry Drew (R Sr), G/F Jordan Adams (Fr), C Anthony Stover (Jr)

- Kyle Anderson is rated among the top point guards in the country, if not the best.  I am guardedly optimistic as it seems that the best schools - Duke, UNC, KU, UK - did not recruit him.  Not sure what that means.  But I do know that we have been void of an NBA caliber PG since Collison/Holiday left us in 2009.  My guess is that Anderson is talented enough to start although UNC-defector Larry Drew has been practicing under Howland's system this entire year.  Those two are the only PGs we have.  Drew better not throw a tantrum if he doesn't start, like he did at UNC after getting benched.  Anyway, it is a concern that the position that is traditionally the most important in Howland's system will be filled by two newcomers.

- We are still in the running for national #1 ranked recruit, Shabazz Muhammad, although his NCAA eligibility is currently in question.  If he came here and was cleared, he would obviously start at SF, before bolting to the NBA.  Shabazz would vault us into the national limelight.  The other recruit that we still want is big man Tony Parker, who seems to be a physical post player but will need some polish.

So although Zeek and Jerime are leaving, we are currently adding 3 perimeter players to our squad, while our frontcourt rotation will be the same as this season.  If all our current players get better and the talent level coming in is as good as advertised, I don't see why we can't win a conference title next season.  Our frontcourt should be a massive (pun definitely intended) advantage in every single game, if Josh puts in the work this summer.  How far we go in reality depends on Josh.  I say a 2nd weekend appearance in the NCAA Tournament should be our 2013 goal.  Ultimately, I hope our coach and our program comes back changed for the better, just in time to match the new Pauley Pavilion. 

Games I Attended:

11/15/11 - L vs Middle Tennessee State 86-66
11/28/11 - W vs Pepperdine 62-39
12/20/11 - W vs UC Irvine 89-60
01/07/12 - W vs ASU 75-58 (Honda Center)
01/26/12 - W vs Utah 76-49
03/01/12 - W vs Wash St 78-46

All except for the ASU game were at the Sports Arena.  It seems that I never saw a close game in the 6 that I attended.  We won by a margin of 25.6 points in our 5 wins and we lost by 20 to MTSU.  I suppose this is interesting only to me.

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