Friday, April 27, 2012

NBA Champs Preferences

Given the playoff choices, these are my preferences (not my prediction) for this season's champs:

1) Knicks (with Jeremy)
2) Thunder - UCLA's Westbrook cements place among PG greats.  Small town team prevails.
3) Spurs - Duncan wins his 5th to equal Kobe.
4) Heat - I ain't the hater ya'll are.  Lebron will earn a deserved title.
5) Clippers - Chris Paul and LAC will rule the city.
6) Boston - Enemy of my enemy is my friend.
7) Collison's or Afflalo's team - 2 of my favorite Bruins.

14) Knicks (without Jeremy) - not a Melo fan.  Don't want to see success without Lin.
15) playoffs cancelled
16) Bulls - Noah, ugh.  trojans Gibson/Scalabrine, ugh.
17) lakers - Jerks: Artest, Bynum - and the unlikeable Lakers franchise deserve each other.

Prediction: Heat have been sleepwalking through the regular season.  But now they won't be denied.

I'd love to see a Heat-Thunder Finals.

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