Saturday, May 26, 2012

US Soccer: Behind the Crest - Klinsmann's Lineups

Soccer fans love diagramming our own starting lineups and formations as evidenced by any quick visit to Bigsoccer forums.  But when Klinsmann's actual lineup and formation plan on his coaching whiteboard is shown on video during the coach's meeting, that is enormous news.  Below is what the Behind the Crest vid showed.

In case its hard to make out for you, I typed it out below.  Though the names were listed one on top of another for each position, I listed them left to right.

1) The first formation, on the left, was possibly a 4-4-2, with a diamond midfield.  I guess it could also be a 4-3-3, with withdrawn central forward.

------------------Jozy/Herculez-------------Terrence/Juan/Chris W--------------
---------Jose/Michael -----------------------------------Landon/Graham---------

2) The second formation, on the right, was possibly also a 4-4-2, this time with what could be two defensive central midfielders.

-------------------Clint/Herculez/Juan A-----------Jozy/Terrence/Chris W-----------------

- The order in which the names were listed seem to indicate the depth chart, except that Landon was listed below Graham, who was cut, in the #2 formation.  Edgar is listed above Fabian in both lineups, but Klinsmann wouldn't start Castillo over Fabian, would he?
- We know Alfredo was cut, and he's listed last at RB in both formations.  Danny Williams, also cut possibly for injury reasons, was last in the #2 formation at RM, the only lineup he shows up in.  Juan Agudelo, also cut, was listed 2nd at RF in the 1st formation, but was listed 3rd at LF in the 2nd formation.
- Landon is the only RM left in the 23, while Jose F Torres is exclusively listed at LM.
- Bradley is listed at LM in #1, and a CDM in #2.
- Players who were listed first in both formations were: Clint, Jozy, Jose, Edgar, Carlos, Clarence, Steve and Tim.  Landon should be in this group by default, but if it was a mistake, what other mistakes are on here?

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