Wednesday, September 5, 2012

NFL 2012 Week 1 Predictions

Last season I was 179-79.

Week 1
Cowboys at Giants - I'm taking the upset in a key divisional match.
Colts at Bears - Luck's first game is respectable in a losing effort.
Eagles at Browns - Philly is flying under the radar.  Vick comes up big.
Rams at Lions - Stafford & Calvin J ruin the Rams' season.  Easy pick in survival leagues.
Patriots at Titans - Here's hoping Belicheat unveils a non TE-centric offense.
Falcons at Chiefs - At first glance, I would have thought ATL is a much bigger favorite.
Jaguars at Vikings - No game-shape Mojo, no W.
Redskins at Saints - RGIII, meet Brees.  That's NFL passing.
Bills at Jets - Resounding victory for my wildcard darkhorse.
Dolphins at Texans - Doesn't it seem like Miami is always in rebuilding mode?
49ers at Packers - I picked the Pack yesterday to win the SB so I'm going with SF.
Seahawks at Cardinals - Arizona in a slight upset.  Skelton knows to find Larry.
Panthers at Buccaneers - Cam Newton is still fresh this early.
Steelers at Broncos - I honestly don't know.  So I'll go with Peyton this time.
Bengals at Ravens - Baltimore wins in a close one.
Chargers at Raiders - Rivers finds a still-healthy Gates in an aerial performance.

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