Thursday, September 13, 2012

NFL 2012 Week 2 Predictions

Week 1 record: 13-3

Bears at Packers - Cutler's talking junk, but the Packers win by double digits.
Chiefs at Bills - Buffalo licks its wounds and recovers its season here.
Browns at Bengals - Are the Ravens that good, or is Cincy that bad?  I say Ravens.
Vikings at Colts - Luck eeks out his first W.
Raiders at Dolphins - Unfortunately, even Oakland can't lose to Miami.
Cardinals at Patriots - Welker called Brady a metrosexual.  hahaha.
Buccaneers at Giants - NY gets the Dallas loss out of their system.
Ravens at Eagles - They say Balt = contenders, Philly = pretenders.  Taking Eagles anyway.
Saints at Panthers - Cam Newton better put up some numbers for my fantasy team.
Texans at Jaguars - Is there an easier division than the AFC South for Houston?
Redskins at Rams - RGIII made me a believer.  I'm more impressed with him than Cam.
Cowboys at Seahawks - My NFL sense says to pick Seattle, but I really hate cheatey petey.
Jets at Steelers - I still don't understand how Sanchez erupted like that.  Must be a dream.
Titans at Chargers - SD has a chance to fly in under the radar.  Nobody likes them this year.
Lions at 49ers - Overconfidence is the enemy.  But I want to see a beatdown in primetime.
Broncos at Falcons - What a game for MNF.  I'm gonna take Peyton in the upset.

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