Monday, October 8, 2012

49ers pile up 621 yards to go 4-1

300 yards passing + 300 yards rushing = something never seen before in a single NFL game.  Until Sunday that is, when Jim Harbaugh's squad demolished the Bills 45-3.  An Alex Smith-led offense set the 49ers record for most yards in a single game: 621.  Its more than Y.A. Tittle, Joe Montana or Steve Young ever amassed.  A Harbaugh team has more yards than any Bill Walsh team.

With the 34-0 beatdown of the Jets the week before, the 49ers have now outscored opponents 79-3 in two weeks.  The staunch defense has outscored those two opponents by itself - 1 Rogers INT TD vs just 1 FG allowed.  Meanwhile the offense has scored 9 TDs - 6 rushing and 3 passing.

Okay, I'll admit I'm getting worked up about a win over a lousy team just 5 games into the season.  Heck, all 3 NFC West division rivals are within a single game of us still (Arizona's even tied), and we've got 3 important games coming up.  But, my SF Giants are a loss away from playoff elimination, my football Bruins just got rolled by Cal, Shabazz is still ineligible for college bball and my Kings are still trying to skip town.  The 9ers mean everything right now.  And, they're really really good.

Players contributing to the 621 yard record (only bold adds up):

Alex Smith - 303 yards passing on 18-24 completions for 3 TDs.  Surprisingly, its just his third 300 yard passing day in his 8 year, 71 game (as starter) career.  Not surprisingly, of those three 300 yard games, this is the first that he's won.  He also rushed for 49 yards on 3 carries.  This season, he leads the league in passer rating at 108.7 and Total QBR at 81.9.  Impressive stuff.

Michael Crabtree - 113 yards receiving on 6 catches and 1 TD (28 yarder).

Frank Gore - 106 yards rushing on 14 carries and 1 TD (1 yard).

Vernon Davis - 106 yards on 5 catches.  His longest was a 53 yarder.

Kendall Hunter - 81 yards rushing on 11 carries.

Kyle Williams - 50 yards receiving on 2 catches and 1 TD (43 yarder), 6 rushing yards on 1 rush.

Colin Kaepernick - 39 yards rushing on 4 carries, 1 TD (16 yarder);  7 yards passing on 1 pass.

Mario Manningham - 26 yards receiving on 4 catches, 1 TD (10 yarder).

Anthony Dixon - 21 yards rushing on 4 carries, 1 TD (3 yarder)

Randy Moss - 11 yards receiving on 1 catch.

Bruce Miller - 9 yards rushing on 1 rush.

Greg Celek - 4 yards receiving on 1 catch.

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