Wednesday, October 3, 2012

NFL 2012 Week 5 Predictions, Quarter Season Predictions

Week 4 Record: 11-4
Season Record: 39-24

Cardinals at Rams - Cards are pretenders.  They could easily be 4-4 by week 8.
Dolphins at Bengals - AJ Green IS the next big thing in WRs.
Packers at Colts - GB finally climbs above .500.
Ravens at Chiefs - Love it when $c quarterbacks stink.  All 4 did last week.
Browns at Giants - NFC East might be up for grabs until the last week.  NY still in it.
Eagles at Steelers - Eagles aren't a 3-1 team, Steelers aren't a 1-2.  Home team takes it.
Falcons at Redskins - I already picked for one 4-0 team to go down.  Not this one.
Seahawks at Panthers - Seattle D could be tough on Cam, but I think he pulls it out.
Bears at Jaguars - Cutler should have his way vs Jags secondary.
Titans at Vikings - Looks like 49ers lost to a legit team after all.
Broncos at Patriots - Hate to do it.  Taking Brady over Manning.  Hope I'm wrong.
Bills at 49ers - I like Kaepernick but I'm not totally on board with this wildcat thing.
Chargers at Saints - Brees outscores Philips at home to find a W.
Texans at Jets - SF limited Jets to 145 total yards while rushing for 245.  Lets see Houston beat that.

Quarter-season playoff predictions:

NFC West: San Francisco
NFC North: Green Bay
NFC East: New York
NFC South: Atlanta
NFC Wildcards: Chicago, Philadelphia

AFC West: Denver
AFC North: Baltimore
AFC South: Houston
AFC East: New England
AFC Wildcards: Pittsburgh, San Diego

NFC Championship: San Francisco over Atlanta
AFC Championship: Baltimore over Houston

Superbowl: San Francisco over Baltimore

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