Wednesday, October 10, 2012

NFL 2012 Week 6 Predictions

Week 5 Record: 11-3
Overall Record: 50-27

Steelers at Titans - Pitts is in dog fight for the div.  Their days of AFC superiority are over.
Raiders at Falcons - Is there anything worse in the NFL than to be a Raider fan?
Bengals at Browns - Oh wait, I guess you could be a Browns fan.
Rams at Dolphins - Miami actually climbs to .500 after this.
Colts at Jets - Unfortunately, NY gets the best of young Colts after Indy's emotional high.
Lions at Eagles - Shockingly, Detroit drops to 1-4 after so much promise preseason.
Chiefs at Buccaneers - Chiefs' front office might have some major turnover this year.
Cowboys at Ravens - This is the sort of game that Dallas somehow wins.  But I doubt it.
Bills at Cardinals - Bills have a chance to bounce back from that trouncing.  Upset!
Patriots at Seahawks - I dislike cheatey petey more than belicheat.  Is it possible that both teams get a L?
Giants at 49ers - Smith leads league in passer rating and Total QBR.  Here's hoping his finger is good to go.
Vikings at Redskins - Not sure how Minny is 4-1.  If RG3 plays, I think Reds get the W.
Packers at Texans - I have no confidence in GB defense.  But I'll bet on Rodgers.
Broncos at Chargers - Peyton finds a way to win their first road game.

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