Wednesday, October 31, 2012

NFL 2012 Week 9 Predictions, Midseason Predictions

Week 8 Record: 8-6
Overall Record: 79-39

Chiefs at Chargers - Embarrassing loss to Browns.  If they're down at half, Norv should be out.
Broncos at Bengals - The defense is coming around.  Shutting down NO is no easy task.
Ravens at Browns - Bal isn't who we thought they were.
Cardinals at Packers - With GB and ATL next, Cards will have lost 6 straight.
Bears at Titans - Narrow win at Carolina doesn't shake the pretender feel around Chi.
Dolphins at Colts - Both are surprise teams with winning records.  Love me some Luck.
Panthers at Redskins - RG3 wins battle of struggling teams led by exciting, athletic QBs.
Lions at Jaguars - Stafford finally put up expected big numbers.  Should continue here.
Bills at Texans - I'm done predicting upsets by the Bills.  They're just not good.
Buccaneers at Raiders - I was shocked by TB's big win at Minny.  Can they keep it up?
Vikings at Seahawks - Unfortunately, I think Sea stops its 2 game skid.  Go Vikes!
Steelers at Giants - My upset pick of the week.  Big Ben will air it out again.
Cowboys at Falcons - Garrett's decision to throw with 3rd and 1 is absolutely brain-dead.
Eagles at Saints - At least NO knows who they are.  Philly might need a change at QB and HC.

Midseason Postseason Predictions

NFC West: San Francisco - Finally, a 2 game lead over pretenders.
NFC North: Green Bay - Risky pick here since Bears have better defense.
NFC South: Atlanta - Only undefeated team left.
NFC East: New York - 3 win lead.  I didn't think the East would be this easy.

NFC Wildcards:
Chicago - 1 loss so far, but will there be regression to mean?
Minnesota - Last wildcard spot is up for grabs.  They've got 5 wins, but who knows?

AFC West: Denver - All other 3 teams are a joke.
AFC North: Baltimore - 2 games vs Pitt will be the difference.
AFC South: Houston - Clearly the class of the conference.
AFC East: New England -  Unfortunately, there's no way Mia hangs around with the Pats.

AFC Wildcards:
Pittsburgh - They very well could win division in the end.
Indianapolis - They and Mia are the only two other teams left to have 4 wins.

NFC Championship Game: 49ers over Falcons
AFC Championship Game: Texans over Patriots

Superbowl: 49ers over Texans

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