Wednesday, December 5, 2012

NFL 2012 Week 14 Predictions

Week 13 Record: 8-8
Season Record: 133-58-1

Broncos at Raiders - Peyton has led Denver to 30 or more points, 10 times this year.
Rams at Bills - Fitzpatrick finally connects with Stevie Johnson for a big game.
Cowboys at Bengals - Dallas has won 3 of 4, but they were against terrible teams.
Chiefs at Browns - Teams both dealing with horrible suicide at their facilities.  Game is 2ndary.
Titans at Colts - Indy is most impressive team of the year.  5-1 at home.
Bears at Vikings - I'm pretty upset Chi didn't take out cheatey petey.
Chargers at Steelers - If wins over KC don't count, SD has lost 8 in a row.
Eagles at Buccaneers - Tampa gets an easy team after losing to ATL and Den.
Ravens at Redskins - Ravens pull the upset and get a W before a brutal end stretch.
Falcons at Panthers - Atlanta pretty much has the #1 NFC seed in hand after this.
Jets at Jaguars - Go with McElroy.  or Tebow.  No reason to go with Sanchez.
Dolphins at 49ers - SF trend this season: win 2, make a mess, win 2, make a mess.
Saints at Giants - I don't get NY.  They whoop GB by 28, then lose to Wash.
Cardinals at Seahawks - The fact that SF is only 1 win ahead is infuriating.
Lions at Packers - After getting back to .500, Detroit lost 4 in a row.
Texans at Patriots - This will tell us a lot about Houston's championship viability.

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