Thursday, January 3, 2013

NFL Reg Season Review, Postseason Predictions

Week 17 Record: 13-3

Final Season Record: 173-82-1

Of ESPN's 12 expert pickers each week plus the computer predicter and the public consensus vote, only 2 outpicked me: Mortensen (178-78) and Wickersham (179-77).  just saying.  I did worse than last year (179-77) but much better than 2010 (158-102).

Regular Season Review

In the NFC, I correctly predicted the 49ers as the West champs with Seattle finishing in 2nd.  I also had the Falcons taking the South over the Saints, but didn't figure NO's calamitous year included a playoff absence.  In the North, I figured the Packers would easily take it instead of the come-from-behind scenario they pulled off in reality.  And I had the Vikings in dead last, not knowing the Lions would be that terrible and the Bears would think so poorly of their coach even after a 10-win season.  Minnesota's last second game-winning FG over the Packers of course sealed the 49ers 1st round bye as well as their own unlikely playoff berth.

The NFC East was hardest to predict and the division title came down to the last game of the reg season.  What wasn't in doubt was that my preseason pick of the Eagles was dead wrong.  Halfway through, it looked like the Giants, with a 3 game lead, had it sown up already.  The Redskins, whom I had last, finished first and the Cowboys, whom I had as a wildcard, failed in Dec again.

So I only picked 3 of 6 NFC playoff teams correctly, though 3 were division champs.

In the AFC, I nailed all four division champs but missed with both wildcard picks.  Denver, Baltimore, Texans and Patriots were relatively easy calls, since they basically led their divisions all season.  The Steelers were usurped by the Bengals while Andrew Luck justified his #1 pick by taking a 2 win team to 11 victories his first season.

Postseason Predictions


Bengals at Texans - Houston wakes up after losing last 2 games of reg season. 
Colts at Ravens - Baltimore's sloppy ways catch up to them.  The Luck legend grows.
Seahawks at Redskins - I'm am holding out faint hope that RG3 grows his legend too.
Vikings at Packers - Minny beats GB for the 2nd time, this time at Lambeau?  naw.

Texans at Patriots - That drubbing in NE does not bode well for Houston.
Colts at Broncos - Colts legend, meet future Colts legend.  Peyton schools pupil.
Packers at 49ers - MVP Rodgers vs Kaep starting his 8th game.  SF defense shows up in upset.
Seahawks at Falcons - I intended to take Seattle because I have no faith in ATL.  But this time, I'm taking the Falcons in a reverse upset, thinking Matt Ryan has finally learned his playoff lessons.

Patriots at Broncos - Peyton vs Brady for old times' sake.  I think Brady pulls it out again, unfortunately.
49ers at Falcons - SF dominates from beginning to end.

49ers over Patriots - Kaepernick establishes a new world order and keeps Brady from matching Montana's 4 championships.

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