Monday, February 29, 2016

US Soccer Crest History

With the release of US Soccer's updated crest, here is a history of our crests.


Pros: I like that they kept the shield concept.  I like the letters 'USA' in the crest.  I like the return to the dark blue color of our flag instead of the lighter blue in the 2014 edition of the last crest.  And I like the change to blue lettering and red stripes instead of the previous opposite color scheme.

Cons:  The font isn't patriotic or really symbolic of anything.  And why v-shape in the middle of the crest?  But my biggest gripe concerns the shape of the crest.  It is too narrow.  Secondly, why make the topline completely flat?  Those two decisions, as well as the strange font, have made the crest overtly modern, taking away any chance for it to ever become timeless.

1995, 2006, 2014






1913, 1934

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